• Android 4.1

    Android 4.1 Jellybean - enhanced with project butter for super smooothness
  • tablet 9200

    Quad Core CPU, Octo Core GPU - the ultimate in Android performance and design
  • tablet 8400g

    With Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual Core CPU, 3G and GPS built in, 8400G has connectivity to the max
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"We would happily spend £150 of our hard earned pounds on the Disgo 8400G, but if you can forego the 3G, or are willing to spend the extra £90 for the 32GB Wi-Fi and 3G Nexus 7, we would be remiss not to recommend them."

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"The tablet is generally pleasant to use. It may only have a single-core 1GHz processor, which is the most obvious corner cut to save money, but Android 4.0 runs smoothly. The animation when swiping between screens is fairly smooth and most apps open quickly.
There's one big problem with the 9104 out of the box; it doesn’t have access to Google Play, so you're frozen out of a large number of Android apps. This is the case with many budget tablets, as to keep the cost down the manufacturers don’t pay Google the necessary licence fees to use Google's own apps. The tablet does have the alternative SlideME market, but we don’t see the point of using an Android tablet without having access to all possible apps.
However, Disgo does hint on its website that you may be able to install Play, and a quick Google search finds a procedure at http://tinyurl.com/disgoplay. This took us about five minutes, and at the end we had a fully-functional Android tablet and could install Google's official apps such as Maps and Gmail. The 9104 has enough power between its Cortex A8 processor and Mali 400 graphics chip to run games smoothly, even graphically-intensive ones such as zombie shooter Dead Trigger."
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Its processing power comes from a 1.2GHz Boxchip processor, based on the ARM  Cortex-A8 design. Graphics are provided by a Mali 400 GPU, and there's 1GB of  RAM. That combination allows the tablet to hit a price well below £200, and yet  it remains a usable device.

Android home screens flick by with surprising alacrity, as do menus and the  app launch screen.

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"I liked the Disgo 9104. Based on my initial impression, it’s a well-built, fairly quick tablet that’s perfectly usable for the occasional pick-up-and-browse session. Browsing the web is acceptably fast, and screen quality seems decent."

"For those who may already have a laptop or other main computer but fancy trying a tablet for the first time and are put off by the premium brands’ price tags, this could be a good option."

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"Besides the above mentioned chassis features, the tablet offers much more in the name of advanced features. It allows easy multitasking, rich notifications, customisable home screens, widgets, and deep interactivity. 'disgo apps' included in it will provide you easy access to your favorite apps and Slide ME store, that allows a fast access to thousands of Android apps.

Also, there are stereo speakers, 3.5mm headphone out and built in microphone, facilitating smoother calls and video play. It offers you 16GB onboard storage which is expandable to 48GB with a micro-SDHC card. It is compatible with Flash 11.1 with many other digital software content, letting you enjoy streaming video."

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